XpertFit Sizing App

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PSP is proud to now offer the XpertFit 3D scanning application to our clients for easy and fast sizing of your PSP 2.0 shaped soft armour. XpertFit sizing technology revolutionizes the process in which officers are sized for body armor. Featuring a touchless, automated method of capturing body measurements, XpertFit provides an instant and accurate fit guide using only a mobile phone.

Users download the app and request an access code from PSP. An email with the code will be sent and the user follows the simple prompts and gets measured at their convenience.

XpertFit is an ideal solution for officers in rural areas, agencies with large turnover or any user of the PSP 2.0 shaped body armour. While XperFit uses your phone to capture the body scan, no images are sent to or retained by PSP. We only receive the measurements, which are in turn transferred into an avatar.
XpertFit is:

    • Easy to use
    • Available at your own time
    • Highly accurate
    • Mobile
    • Free to use

The software is in English only but instructions are available in both languages. Please contact us to learn if your agency uses the PSP 2.0 shape and to request an access code.