Unloading Stations

PSP’s Unloading Stations are designed to provide safe and easy unloading of service weapons by catching ejected rounds and safely containing accidental discharges to the rated ballistic level.

The Unloading Stations safely contain accidental discharges of service weapons and rounds up to the level described in NIJ Standard 0101.06 Level IIIA or Level III.

The cone opening catches the round ejected from semi-automatic handguns. The wide opening of the cone allows the entire handgun to be placed in the unloading station so that the ejected round is caught and does not fall to the floor. If accidental discharge occurs the bullet will hit the cone and be stopped by the ballistic materials within the drum assembly of the Station.

Available in two configurations (wall mount or floor mount) for Level IIIA and III and the floor mount option for the Level III.

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