KQR-TL Carrier

The K-Series Quick Release Carrier [KQR] accepts all PSP concealable panels. The KQR is an external tactical carrier with extensive features making it on of the most versatile external carriers on the market.

• Made of durable Nylon outer material.
• The front and rear carrier include external plate pockets with the front pocket offering both top and side loading options.
• The plate pockets accept 5×7”, 5×8”, 7×9”, 8×10”, and 10×12” special threat and hard armor plates (size restrictions apply).
• The shoulder closures are positioned to naturally fall on the shoulder and include a removable padding for additional support and a secure closure with adjustment.
• The quick release function of this carrier is achieved through FirstSpear® tubes on the waist closure.
• The adjustability is located on the rear of the carrier utilizing durable high-profile hook and loop with elastic for added comfort.
• This carrier includes an option to include front and or rear ID’s that can be removable or permanently applied to the carrier (IDs sold separately).
• Body-side panel access along with panel suspension for proper alignment that prevents sagging and curling.

The KQR can be modified to meet your needs with customizable options for the side closures, plate pockets and MOLLE for example.
Available in standard and custom sizes.
Available in male, non structured and structured designs.


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