Multi-Functional Outer Carrier

The detachable front and rear panels on this MOLLE carrier provide officers a range of capabilities across varied police roles. The front panel simply unclips and pulls down, either to interchange with another colour or allow a hard armour plate carrier to be inserted while retaining all the pouches by simply pulling the front panel back up and re-connecting. The rear carrier, shoulders and cummerbund can easily switch out to allow for varied colours to be used for roles such as public order, liaison, traffic duty or non-police support.

Carrier Features:

• Interchangeable coloured Front and Rear Panel, Shoulder Pads and Cummerbund.
• Fold down Detachable Front allows Active Shooter Harness to be worn behind MOLLE front, retaining pouches.
• Detachable Front secured with 2 side release buckles, Velcro hook and loop.
• Top Zipper with Two-Way Slider Fasteners and Auto Locking Sliders.
• Internal Notebook Pocket.
• First Spear® Tube™ Side Side Closure.
• Front, Full MOLLE Landscape.
• Additional MOLLE Landscape for Camera Placement.
• Secure Padded Shoulder Closure with Dual Mic Loops.
• Internal Magazine/Radio Pouch in Cummerbund.
• Intergraded Pen or Flashlight Pocket.
• Intergraded Internal Drag Strap.
• Front and Rear Insignia Velcro.
• Removable Adjustable Suspenders for added comfort.

NOTE: Hi-vis elements are not CSA Z96-15 compliant.

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