LiteX LX02 Ballistic Type IIIA

Exclusively patented The LiteX series provides superior protection and increased trauma performance with a focus on wearability, making it the workhorse of the PSP line.

• The LiteX IIIA LX02 is a soft body armour panel that is certified NIJ Standard-0101.06 Level IIIA hybrid design featuring Twaron® and Goldflex®.
• It is special-threat tested against 9mm 127gr SXT +P+, 357 Sig 125gr GDHP and 5.7x28mm FN SS197SR 40gr.
• LiteX IIIA LX02 is compliant with DEA Protocol (2009) against 9mm 124gr FMJ, 9mm 127gr +P+ T-Series, .40 165gr S&W GDHP, as well as 2gr, 4gr, 16gr and 64gr RCC Fragment-Simulating Projectiles.
• The ballistic panel is covered in 200 denier Ripstop with Nylon Polyurethane backed Ultra-Sonic welded seams.
• This body armour is equipped with PSP’s ProTect™ internal ballistic desiccant system with increased moisture management for durability of performance.
• This Canadian made body armour is made at PSP’s production facility in Arnprior, Ontario.

Available in standard and custom sizes in male, structured female and gender-neutral designs.


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