Level III Ballistic Rifle Shield – Assault LW

Product Overview & Key Features

The Assault LW shield utilizes the latest technology in UPMWPE materials from Honeywell.
The Assault LW shield incorporates a triangular viewport that allows for increased vertical visibility for the operator.
The Assault LW shield is capable of stopping the 7.62 x 51mm, 147 gr. M80 FMJ (NATO)
The Assault LW is ideal for both tactical teams and patrol and is available in two sizes.
The Assault II LW is 16×30 (382 sq in) and weighs only 14.8 lbs. It is ideal for any size officer.
The Assault III LW is 20×36 (601 sq in) and is only 20.4 lbs. providing additional ballistic coverage area when needed.
This combination of coverage area and lightweight rifle protection elevates the Safariland Level III shield portfolio to the next level.
Not only is the Assault LW NIJ 0108.01 compliant, but it is also capable of stopping five impacts of the 5.56 x 45mm M193 and 7.62 x 39mm MSC special threat rounds.
In addition to the standard NIJ 0108.01 shot pattern, the viewport is also tested along with the bolts. The shield is also tested with 1” edge shot, 30 degree angle shots, a 3 shot cluster and 3 shots in a linear line (in between shot)

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