Body Armour FAQs

Body Armour FAQs

What Is Blunt Trauma?

Blunt trauma is also know as BFS (Backface Signature or Deformation). It is the greatest extent of indentation on the backing material caused by a non-perforating impact on the armour. The BFS is the perpendicular distance between two planes, both if which are parallel on the front surface of the backing material.

What Is V-50?

The Ballistic limit for a given bullet type, the velocity at which the bullet is expected to perforate the armour 50% of the time. The ballistic limit is typically denoted as the v50 value.


Is Body Armour Actually “Bullet Proof”?

No, there is no body armour that is truly 100% bullet proof. Both soft and hard armour used separately or together, defeat the vast majority of ballistic threats; however there is always the chance of bullet penetration.

What Level Of Ballistic Protection Should I Choose?

Each officer faces different situations, however we recommend that you choose a vest which is rated to stop your duty weapon and any other authorized weapons that may be carried by your department or surrounding agency/service/department. Please visit our Sizing Charts page to learn more.


How Do I Make Sure My Vest Fits Properly?

Please refer to our Sizing Charts and videos.


To What Standards Are PSP Soft Body Armour Vests Certified?

PSP’s current soft body armour models are certified  to the stringent and respected NIJ 0101.06 Standard. 

To learn more about NIJ Standards please Click Here.