Sizing Charts

Sizing Charts

For the most accurate measurements, use the following guidelines:

• Do not attempt to take your own measurements
• Use a flexible cloth measuring tape
• Wear a light tee shirt while being measured
• A duty belt must be worn for sizing
• Take all measurements to the nearest 1/2”
• A vest that is too large will be uncomfortable (do not over measure)
• Take all measurements at maximum point of quiet respiration

Sizing Videos

Proper measurements are key to selecting the right size of body armour for each team member’s unique physique. These short videos show how to take measurements properly. Please watch before placing your order.
Nous encourageons nos clients à visionner cette vidéo sur le dimensionnement avant de passer leur commande.

Male / mâle

Sizing Procedures for Male Body Armour

Female / femâle

Sizing Procedures for Female Body Armour

Procédures de dimensionnement pour gilets pare-balles masculins

Procédures de dimensionnement pour gilets pare-balles féminins